See You Again Little Tiger!

Tiger posing a photo I took when he was young

Today, I found out through iMessage from my brother (aka best mate) Jono that he lost his beloved best friend Tiger passed away this morning after 15 long years. Hearing the news was heartbreaking because I knew how Jono and his family was close with Tiger and it was their first dog. I, too was very close to Tiger as if he was like my own dog because Jono and I have been best mates for 15 years so we’ve been through together many ups and downs.

I really don’t know what to write at the moment because I’m still in shock and denial. I’ve also been quite emotional today and very teary and you guys know I don’t deal with losses at all…I don’t think anyone does. Though having experience of losing pets myself, I know what’s it like to lose a best friend and it feels like your heart gets shattered into a million pieces. The first time is always the hardest like with my first dog Sweety who passed away in her sleep when I was in Year 11 which you can read more about it by clicking here -> 9 Years On Sweety.



Tiger’s funny reaction to the camera along with his owner and best friend, Jono!


Tiger was curiously looking at something

Tiger was one of a kind and a characteristic dog and I still remember the very first time I met him. After watching the 2008 horror movie Quarantine which was about a mysterious virus outbreak in a building full of people where they were quarantined, Jono and I went back to his place and introduced me to Tiger. When he opened the door to let Tiger in, he bit me on my leg (as at that time he wasn’t familiar with me) and I actually thought I got infected with rabies like what happened in the movie. Luckily, I didn’t become a zombie and it was only a minor wound with a little bit of blood

For some people, meeting Tiger for the first can be a bit intimidating as he would growl and bark at them as I remember when some of our gang from school would come over for Jono’s parties but he was no vicious dog, He was just cautious and after a while when you let him come to you, he’s just a cute small fluffy ball who likes to lick you and want you to give him belly rubs.


I saw Tiger sleeping like that and what better way to take a photo

After our first meeting and hanging out with Jono more, Tiger got more comfortable with me (Phew! What a relief!) and we became best friends, tho it did take a bit of time but we managed to get there! Tiger always gets excited when I came to visit and he would always go to the door and starts barking and wagging his tail. He used to love playing fetch with his colourful squishy toy and love to run around inside the house and outside too. He was also an active dog who loves to go out for walks, I remember Jono and I took him for a walk and he’d get so excited for his short adventure.


Tiger and I playing fetch with his favourite toy

In Tiger’s final years, he was getting old and fragile, sadly which is normal for old dogs and it hurts so much to see him in pain as you want to do something to stop the pain. Jono told me Tiger’s condition was getting worse and it made me realised that he wasn’t going to be here much longer and that’s the reality of life. It reminded me of my puppy dog, Tank as he is now 11 years old and gonna turn 12 next January. I can’t bear to think when Tank’s time comes as it’ll be devastating.

Before Tiger passed away this morning or sometime during the night, I was planning to visit him to say goodbye when I was going to catch up with Jono tonight for our usual hangouts and working on my gaming channel RandomDavo but unfortunately, that didn’t happen. To be honest, I was thinking of visiting Tiger last night after Jono WhatsApp me when he was really worried about Tiger and I really really wished I did.

Also, what even made harder today is that today is the sixth anniversary of my second dog’s (Charlotte) death who passed away from cancer in 2013 which you can also read by clicking here -> R.I.P. Charlotte!. Is it a coincidence that both our beloved dogs passed away on the same day but different years? I don’t know if that means anything or maybe I’m reading it too much?

Speaking about Charlotte, can’t believe it’s been 6 years already that we had to make that heartbreaking decision to put her down. Life hasn’t been the same since and although, my grief is much better now compare to then, I still miss her so much. I’ve also been getting nightmares again …well, not really nightmares but dreams about friends and family who I have lost and Sweety and Charlotte are always there. These dreams feel like it was actually real but when I wake up, from those dreams I realised it was just a dream.


Sweety & Charlotte together when they were young

Grief is something I have always struggle with and now Tiger’s death is the third loss I’m going through in a year after losing a childhood church friend to breast cancer and a Boys Brigade leader friend to a heart attack which was why the two hospital admissions I had last year was the hardest and also longest.

I also know I haven’t blog for a while which I was going to do but I felt like I was still not ready to talk about what I was going through and I also have been focusing on my recovery so I’d like to apologise for not being active yet again.

Little Tiger buddy, I still can’t believe you are gone after 15 years. I’m so heartbroken that I won’t get to see you whenever I visit your best friend Jono and it’ll be a lot quieter without you now. I wish I could have spent more time with you as you always make me laugh when I play fetch with you and your favourite toy. I also remember you like to sleep and cuddle me when it got very cold when you guys were at your old house. Whenever I tell people our first meeting, it makes us laugh, even more, those were the good old times! Even though you are gone, you dearly will be missed and your memories will be there forever. It’s not goodbye but see you again little Tiger buddy!

Also sending my random love to my bro Jono and his family during this difficult time. You guys have always been there for me when I was struggling, now I want to be there for you. Take care of each other and take as much time to grieve and heal. In time, the pain will ease and it’ll get better!

Tiger looks like a fluffy shape kind of a thing

Tiger lying on Davo

After watching the movie Are We Done Yet?, Tiger decided to sleep on me back in 2012


Thank you to my readers again for your support!

Be random but stay safe! ^_^

RD ^^

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  1. I know how hard it is losing a dog, Tiger was so adorable and sounds like he was a right character! You’ve lost so much this year, so stay strong and I hope you’re doing well. Thankyouu for sharing


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