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Monthly Archives: July 2018

I originally wrote this back in 2013 but didn’t publish it until 2014 on the same day as today. The story was named The Dark Truth but that post was mainly telling people the dark truth of my life that I have a mental illness. It was also the second time since 2003 telling people I have depression. I talked a lot about the struggles I went through growing up even from the day… Read More

Before you guys start reading, I want to let you know this will be a very emotional post to blog about and extremely difficult for me to share as it is very personal but I want to inspire people with my milestone which is why I’m posting this. As I always do with all my […]

Before you guys start reading, I just want to let you all know I originally wrote this back all the way in 2003 and shared it with specific family and friends. For those who remember reading it, I want to sincerely apologise for that because looking back on it, it was so terrible and cringy. I had no idea what I was talking about and never ever would I do that again but… Read More