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Monthly Archives: October 2013

Well, after done writing a few posts, I’ve decided that I will take a break from my blog. Since I’m now starting to get busy as I’ll be going to China to study Mandarin next November and going to do another internship with SBS down in Canberra, I really don’t have the time to blog anymore. As you all know, I love to write as I’ve been writing for a long time now… Read More

***READ HERE FIRST*** Before you start reading, I have to warn you guys that the post you’re about to read contains the procedure of my jaw surgery and my past experience with bullying. If you’re okay to read, go ahead and do so, otherwise, this may be triggering for some people. I have already put warning labels before the two contents. Though, I actually encourage people to read as this is focused on my… Read More

Birthdays…aren’t they suppose to be a special occasion? Well, normally they are but…it doesn’t feel like that way. Feels like every year you get older and you’re not getting any younger. You haven’t reached your goals and accomplish what you wanted to do that year and then you fail. Am I a failure for that? I don’t know…I feel like I am. I always have a fear of failing and it’s one… Read More

So…I’m back on here again and it’s been awhile since I blog on here. The last time was back in December before I went on a journey to China and Hong Kong for 2 months. Before I went away, I told people I would blog about my trip, however, I was not able to do that due to the censorship in China which was a bit frustrating so I do have to… Read More