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Monthly Archives: March 2009

Thoughts are going through my head and I’m just thinking about it too much. I need to remind myself not to focus on it. Distraction is kinda a good way to keep your mind off things but…err…I’m starting to isolate from people again. Maybe I’m just trying to run away from everything. I’m trying my best to positive but my mood is getting lower and lower and I feel like I’m not… Read More

It’s like half past 4 in the morning yet again. Not really sure why I’m always up around this time…maybe it’s because I’m thinking a lot more… I’m starting to notice some changes inside myself. My mood is starting to go down again. What happened to the “happy” feeling I was having weeks ago? Was it real? Was it fake? I don’t really know. I never felt like that before. I just… Read More

How the hell can you even compare someone who is REALLY sick to someone who is not THAT sick??? I don’t understand people. Most people don’t understand what they’ve been through. They are still not receiving the message & that’s why I want to reach out to people like I used to.I am gonna stop writing since I don’t want to say anything stupid. DON’T JUDGE!!!

Today marks the day that I’m now 8 months free which is incredible despite the struggle I’ve been through. But it also reminds of something else that I want to forget about.   Even though there were times where I wanted to give up, I haven’t and I’m still here. My vitality to keep on fighting is one of my strengths and I’m getting stronger every day.   …believe in yourself…

Sleeping is not always good. I went to bed like at half past 5 and slept for like 10 hours straight but I kept waking up several times throughout the morning/day. Another weird dream yet again and it’s just scary to even think about it. Some dreams are like that for me and I can still remember the ones I had years ago. I’m still tired and I’m already worn out.Tomorrow, it… Read More