The content used on Kawika In Sight may be triggering for people as it contains mental illness such as depression and anxiety, bullying, suicide, self-harm and psychosis features such as hallucinations.

These difficult topics can be “taboo” to people but it’s also very important to Davo. He wants to raise awareness of mental illness and suicide because not many people understand it and hope to change that.

However, though, not all content will be related to the above or have dark themes.

There will a variety of mixed content on Kawika In Sight so readers are able to enjoy the content online without having to be too serious but also a safe environment for everyone. The last thing Davo wants is triggering readers and having them feeling unsafe.

If you are feeling triggered at any time or feeling unsafe, please reach out for help. Contact someone you can trust or call your local crisis number.

if you require immediate help, please call your local emergency number or go to the closest A&E department or hospital. They should be able to assist you in any need.

You and your life are important no matter what anyone says. Don’t forget that!

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