Final Prac Exam

Today is a big day for me because it is the last day of my baking course at TAFE and I also face my final hurdle and that is my final practical exam on sweet yeast. It is a very anxious time for me because if I pass my exam, I’ll get a Certificate III in Retail Baking which I’m hoping it all goes well as some of you guys know I have a fear of failing.

Although, I did pass all my exams so far which I don’t know how I did for some of them and the ones I’m talking about is the previous prac exams I did last year because I just barely passed. My parents and my support network has been reminding me that I’ve done it before and I can do it again but I can’t help worry because of my anxiety disorder.

For those who have never done a practical exam, it is very stressful and intense especially when you have a time limit which will go fast. The exam I’m doing tomorrow, we have 5 hours to produce and finish our sweet yeast buns (Finger Buns, Cream buns, Danish Pastry & Brioche Buns) in that time limit…it sounds like it’s a lot of time but believe me, it’s not. It can also get frantic and a mad rush towards the end but thankfully I have a helper with me because I can be a bit slow due to my disability.

Also, if you are not fully prepared, well you better be because the last few exams I did, I was not prepared and that made me more stressful and anxious. This time, I’m prepared.

Anyway, to end this post and sorry it was a rush post as I didn’t have a lot of time to finish, thank you guys for your ongoing support when I was doing my baking course especially during the tough times and the exams. It’s been an up and down adventure and never thought I’d able to go through and finished this course (after today if I passed), let alone producing all this amazing food I’ve learnt.

Well, time to finish my course on a hurrah and conquer my final prac exam!

Be random but stay safe all! ^_^

Davo ^^

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