Introduction Story

Hey guys,

I just thought I might do an introduction of myself to my new followers of Kawika In Sight. For those who don’t know me, my name is Davo (or “Random” Davo as what my mates call me) and I am the one who runs this blog. First, I want to warmly welcome you to Kawika In Sight and secondly, thank you for checking it out as it means a lot to me because I was not expecting to get more people to follow my blog.

A bit about me, I’m a 28 years old ABC (Aussie Born Chinese) guy that was born and raised in Sydney, Australia, a country that is far away from the rest of the world. Tho, my family and I did live in Shanghai, China for three years when I was a baby when my dad was working but my parents thought it would be best if my family settled in Sydney so we moved back to Down Under and here I am.

My family background is Hong Kong Chinese however though, my Cantonese is very limited due to my parents not teaching me the mother tongue language as I always mixed Cantonese, Shanghainese and English together and one of a child specialist suggested to my parents to teach me one language and that was English. Now I regret not learning it as a kid.

I am a second year student who is currently studying at TAFE (aka Technical and further education for non-Aussies) which is like college but it’s more hands-on and practical and I’m about to finish my Certificate III in Retail Baking (Combined) course in two weeks time. At the moment, I’m not working as I want to focus on my studies but I hope to run my own cake business one day as I am a passionate baker and a cooker which is one of the reasons why I’m doing my course.

Kawika In Sight is a personal blog where I like to share my stories with my followers. I have to warn you though that some of my stories can be quite dark and also be triggering because I’ve always had a difficult life. Since I was a child, I have depression and an anxiety disorder which is not easy to admit to people having a mental illness as I’m afraid people might judge me negatively. Doctors don’t know what caused my depression but they think one of the big factors is because of the severe bullying I went through in my primary and high school years and it pretty much traumatised me for life but I have finally moved on from that now.

When I first started Kawika In Sight back in March 2009, it was mainly for me to talk to talk about my feelings because the previous year in 2008, I was going through one of the darkest time in my life and I was at the lowest of the low as I was recovering from a year planned suicide attempt where I almost died but thanks to my family, they saved me in time. After surviving my suicide attempt, I never thought I get a second chance again and realised how lucky I am. If you want to hear more about it, you can check out my story at The Dark Truth.

Writing really helps me to express my thoughts and emotions because whenever I try talking to people about it, it can be very hard for me to explain to them what I want to try to say but I can’t. I’ve been writing for quite a long time now since my childhood and is one of my passions that has saved me many times.

After sharing my deepest and darkest secrets to my friends and family and getting the overwhelmingly positive feedback from them which I wasn’t expecting and they were inspired by my stories, I thought to myself why not reach out to those who are going through a similar situation like I am.

So I decided that the aim of my blog is to help and inspire people who are going or gone through struggles with life as I know life isn’t always easy. I don’t want them to feel like if they are all alone (like I was when I got bullied) which isn’t true and hope they can relate to some of my stories. At the same time, I also like to raise awareness of such difficult topics that can be taboo to the society and even people who don’t know much about it which is why I’m hoping to change that.

However, not all my post will be dark related themes as I like to talk about different topics or just life in general as I want to keep them interesting and a safe and family environment for everyone who visits Kawika In Sight.

Blogging is something I like to do from time to time but because I have a busy life, I am not as active as before like I was a few years ago so I can’t promise that I’ll be active all the time but I’ll try to blog whenever I can. I also need to let you know that it does take a lot of work and time on my writings and it also sometimes depends on my mood. I also want to apologise in advance if I make any mistakes in them because English and grammar are not one of my strong points even tho I love to write.

Oh, before I forget, I want to tell you guys the meaning of my blog’s name as I realised I haven’t explained it before. When my family and I went to Hawaii for a holiday when I was in Year 4, I bought a keychain as a souvenir that had my name in Hawaiian and I just thought it sounded cool so that’s why I chose Kawika. With the Sight, I feel like it connects to the vision and the eyes so what you’re reading on my blog is like seeing from my eyes from another perspective imagining if you were actually there so I created the name Kawika In Sight.

I hope this post has explained more about me and the purpose of my blog to those who are first timers here. Hope you guys enjoy my content and thank you for the massive support and inspiring me to blog for you guys. Feel free to give me feedback as I want to hear from my followers what they think about my writings. If you guys could please share this with others who may be interested in my blog, that would be much appreciated! Also, if you do like my blog and you’re not a follower already, click that follow button and hit that like button to like my Facebook page on the sidebar so you won’t miss any of my updates and post. You guys are awesome!

Be random but stay safe all! ^_^

Davo ^^

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