My Next Adventure

Today, I am off to Canada, Cuba and Hong Kong with my parents for more than a month and It will be my first time going to those countries (besides Hong Kong of course) which will be exciting but can also be scary since I’ll be going to the unknown like a place like Cuba. I guess that’s the thrill of adventures, right? I don’t know anyone who has gone to Cuba. 

It’s has be an early start today and it will be a very long day. I didn’t get a lot of sleep this morning as I didn’t get to finish packing until 1am. We left home at 4:15am as my flight from Sydney to Hong Kong leaves at 7:30am and arrives there at 3:15pm. (5:30pm Sydney time) Oh yes, I forgot to mention I’ll be flying with Cathay Pacific and they’re like probably my No1. airline I’ve flown with. 

Okay so after arriving in Hong Kong, we have to wait for another nine hours (yep, you heard me NINE hours) as my next flight to Vancouver doesn’t departs until 12:30am (2:30am Sydney time) the next day and that is a very long wait wait. The good thing is I already have plans to do in Hong Kong so hopefully it won’t boring. 

Anyway, it takes about twelve hours (11 hours 55 mins to be exact) to get to Vancouver and we’ll arrive there in the evening at 9:25pm (2:30pm Sydney time) which is actually a good thing because we’ll be tired at the end of the long travel. Tho, the weird thing is that we’ll be arriving on the same day we left because of the time difference so basically we gain a day 

We’ll spend a couple of days in Vancouver and then fly to Havana (capital of Cuba) to do a tour and spend a week in Cuba then fly back to Vancouver and we’ll be doing a Rockies Tour to the Rocky Mountains which will be epic! After doing the Rockies tour, we’ll fly to Toronto and spend a couple of days there and we are planing to go to Niagara Falls. If you don’t know Niagara Falls, it’s basically three waterfalls where the border is between Canada and United States. After visiting Niagara Falls, we’ll be visiting family in London (no, not in England, UK) whom I haven’t seen in six years so it’ll be good to see them again.

After almost a week spending time in Canada, we’ll fly back to Hong Kong and stay there for the rest of journey visiting family and friends and then take a night flight back to Sydney arriving on the morning of 19th October.

Well, this is it. The start of another new adventure begins which is gonna be awesome! I’m hoping to blog my trip if I have the time and not too busy. Next time I’ll post a blog will be in either Hong Kong or Vancouver. 

Also, apology for not being active on here again as I’ve been going through a tough time in the last month so I haven’t been able to blog lately. Thanks for the understanding and to those who has been supporting me!

Be random and stay safe all!

One Comment on “My Next Adventure

  1. Hey Davo, I can't believe you are going to be near the city where I live! That's so awesome you are going on this trip. I will be traveling too in a couple weeks (although not as far as you) to the eastern part of New York State, to the Adirondack Mountains. I'm very excited! Let me know when you arrive in Toronto or Niagara Falls!!


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