Another Work Experience

Tomorrow, I’ll be starting work experience with the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA). This is very exciting news as I am able to get another opportunity to get work. For those who don’t know ACMA, they are the Australian government body who regulates and supervises the media and communication sectors.

How it came about is that a service provider was finally able to find some work experience for me after months of looking for work. That’s pretty much it really. I’m not actually sure what work I will be doing but I think it could be similar to some of the past work experience I have done with BBC like admin work or something. This is what I’m assuming. I’ll be working with the ACMA for four days but will be spread out into four weeks.

Though I’m not gonna lie, I am very very anxious starting tomorrow mainly because it will be my first day and I have a fear of the unknown. I don’t know what I’ll be expecting, I don’t even know anyone there. It’s just a totally new environment for me, you know?

Another thing is, this will be my first time working in the city as they are based in the CBD of Sydney. It’s a bit scary because I have to find out how to get to their office especially during the morning peak hour which I’m not used to.

Anyway, I don’t want this to all sound negative because I know (and people tells me) it is good for me in the long run for experience and it’s another challenge I welcome. Maybe I’m just worrying over nothing. I’ve just always been an anxious person since I was a kid and every time I start something new whether it’s study or work, I get anxious which apparently is normal.

Hopefully, tomorrow will all go well and who knows what tomorrow will bring. I’ll keep you all updated with my work experience in the next few weeks. Thank you guys for your ongoing support like always! Very much appreciated! I’m also working on a few more posts which hopefully will be up this week. Stay tuned guys!

Be random but stay safe all!

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