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Ahhhhhhhhhhh I’m tired…it’s ten past five in the MORNING and I’ve been up probably for the whole day…or less than that and I am currently talking to my awesome American pen pal (YOU ROCK!!!) and at this moment, I’m feeling funnyyyyyyyy!

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Bye bye byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Music Coming Soon

I’d like to announce that I have just started working on my music and my kind of style is not what you expect! It’s starting to sound great at the moment but I’ve still got plenty of work to do over the next 3-4 months so I will keep you guys updated.

Check back soon!

Sleep Is Good

*scratch scratch*
*whimpers whimpers*

They were the first sounds I heard which woke me up. Who was it? It was my dog. This was 6 in the morning and I barely got any sleep (4 hours). I only need 5-6 hours of sleep to function during the day. Yes, you heard me…5-6 hours. *yawns* Even though I’m exhausted as hell, I’m still able to write something down.

My little rabbit friend left today =( and I’m starting to miss her already. I sorta did get to say goodbye but I was half asleep…how lame! XP Though, I did get to spend some time with my little friend and that was fun but it won’t be the same without her. *cries* I remember the first time I met her as a little rabbit, she was only a few months old and sooo tiny. It was such the cutest thing ever!!! (I sound girlish =S) Yeah anyway, when my mate came over to dropped his rabbit off (since he was going away), my little friend has grown a lot! She’s bigger but she’s still cute and adorable! I’m just surprised how things can grow a lot when time goes fast by. It’s gonna be quiet without her now but hopefully, I can get to see her again soon.

Lalalalala…*waves* =)…you are currently reading this but I’m curious to see who you are. You’re most likely someone who I probably know or…maybe some random person who I don’t know. But that’s okay because I just wanna say to you that you’re such an awesome person and I wanna show some random love so here’s a random hug…*HUGZ*. ^_^ Yes, I really am that random. It’s really remarkable how my random love can make people smile and feel happy. It makes me feel happy when I see that.

And as my “famous” saying goes: be random but stay safe! (and yes I did make it up with a little help from my friend)

I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! ^_____________^

It Hit Me

Moods are funny…they go up and down and all away around. That’s how my mood has been and that’s pretty normal I guess.

It’s currently ten past one in the morning and I should be in bed by now but I’m not. My little animal friend is going away…my friend is gonna come and pick up his rabbit. It’s sad coz I had an awesome time with her. Strangely, I don’t even know the little bunny’s name since it’s a Chinese name. My family tells me that the rabbit is more comfortable with me than them and I have to agree with them lolz but yeah. I have to farewell my little friend in a couple of hours and I’m sooo gonna miss her =( but I’m gonna see her again coz sometimes I hang out with my matie.

What else is on my mind? Most of you may already know I have struggled with life for all my life but just recently, I feel like something has hit me inside…something powerful but it’s not bad…it’s actually good because now, I’m starting to see the light.

For the first time in a long time, I’m starting to feel happy again and I am not lying here because that’s the truth…


Life is random…that’s all I can say right now.