It Hit Me

Moods are funny…they go up and down and all away around. That’s how my mood has been and that’s pretty normal I guess.

It’s currently ten past one in the morning and I should be in bed by now but I’m not. My little animal friend is going away…my friend is gonna come and pick up his rabbit. It’s sad coz I had an awesome time with her. Strangely, I don’t even know the little bunny’s name since it’s a Chinese name. My family tells me that the rabbit is more comfortable with me than them and I have to agree with them lolz but yeah. I have to farewell my little friend in a couple of hours and I’m sooo gonna miss her =( but I’m gonna see her again coz sometimes I hang out with my matie.

What else is on my mind? Most of you may already know I have struggled with life for all my life but just recently, I feel like something has hit me inside…something powerful but it’s not bad…it’s actually good because now, I’m starting to see the light.

For the first time in a long time, I’m starting to feel happy again and I am not lying here because that’s the truth…

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