Sleep Is Good

*scratch scratch*
*whimpers whimpers*

They were the first sounds I heard which woke me up. Who was it? It was my dog. This was 6 in the morning and I barely got any sleep (4 hours). I only need 5-6 hours of sleep to function during the day. Yes, you heard me…5-6 hours. *yawns* Even though I’m exhausted as hell, I’m still able to write something down.

My little rabbit friend left today =( and I’m starting to miss her already. I sorta did get to say goodbye but I was half asleep…how lame! XP Though, I did get to spend some time with my little friend and that was fun but it won’t be the same without her. *cries* I remember the first time I met her as a little rabbit, she was only a few months old and sooo tiny. It was such the cutest thing ever!!! (I sound girlish =S) Yeah anyway, when my mate came over to dropped his rabbit off (since he was going away), my little friend has grown a lot! She’s bigger but she’s still cute and adorable! I’m just surprised how things can grow a lot when time goes fast by. It’s gonna be quiet without her now but hopefully, I can get to see her again soon.

Lalalalala…*waves* =)…you are currently reading this but I’m curious to see who you are. You’re most likely someone who I probably know or…maybe some random person who I don’t know. But that’s okay because I just wanna say to you that you’re such an awesome person and I wanna show some random love so here’s a random hug…*HUGZ*. ^_^ Yes, I really am that random. It’s really remarkable how my random love can make people smile and feel happy. It makes me feel happy when I see that.

And as my “famous” saying goes: be random but stay safe! (and yes I did make it up with a little help from my friend)

I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! ^_____________^

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