The Adventure Has Begun (HK, China & South Korea)

Well, it’s time for another adventure and I’m back in Hong Kong yet again! Just a quick note, sorry this writing is a little bit rush as I’ll be leaving for China soon. Anyway,  not sure if some of you know but at the moment, I’m actually on a study trip with a group of other students for three weeks and will be studying Mandarin (and other syllabus) in Guangzhou (a city in China). I’m pretty excited but also nervous as this is my first time being away from home I mean…the longest time I’ll be away., I’ll also be going to South Korea on a tour group and never been there before so it should be heaps fun.

Well, I better wrap this up and sorry it’s a short one. I’ll be planning to write about my trip but not sure if I have any access to blog. Also want to let you know that I won’t be able to go on Facebook because of the censorship in China. If anyone wants to contact me, contact me through my email or my phone.
Okay, I shall see you guys next time which I dunno when but hopefully soon!
Be random but stay safe! ^_^

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