A New Chapter (Birthday)

Another year older and a new chapter in my life. So it was my birthday couple of weeks ago (4th November to be exact) and it was a quiet one. Better than some birthdays but not as bad as other birthdays as well. After recovering from that wild weekend I had – watching the Western Sydney Wanderers beat Adelaide United 2-1 at home and then the usual party with The Gang celebrating my birthday and farewell.

To be honest, I was not really looking forward to my birthday at all and you probably remember from reading my post from a month ago. Most people will be surprised by that. Now, I’m not gonna repeat the same old stuff from my other post since I’ve already typed about it which you can read from here -> Birthday & Major Project and this post won’t be all negativity. I don’t really like to reveal my age to people as it’s personal but I can’t believe that I’m now 24…I feel so old now. Okay, everyone says that and yeah, people are gonna tell me that I’m still young I know but its true…you’re not getting any younger and that’s reality, unfortunately.

Sometimes I miss being young and yeah, I do have to admit that my life wasn’t all that bad as there were good times like hanging out with The Gang every day (aka close high school mates and lame name I know! =P) back in the old school days which surprisingly, we’re still together after all these years. It’s been like what, almost close to ten years now! Wow! I can’t believe it’s been that long! I remember like as if it was yesterday I met them.

Celebrating my 24th with close mates which I mentioned earlier, it’s always fun to party with them but it was a very eventful party this year. The story was is that  I “lost” my camera for one day and when I say that,  I mean I didn’t lose it but I dropped it accidentally and so didn’t had my camera with me. What happened was when me and my mates were on our way to pick up my best mate, my camera apparently slipped out of my pocket. After realising I didn’t have my camera with me, my mates and I tried to look for it everywhere…in my friends’ cars, my home and best mate’s home. We even backtracked our traces and went back to the shops but with no luck, we couldn’t find it at all. After not able to find my camera, I was pretty upset and there was at one point I didn’t really want to party but with the support of The Gang, they did cheer me up a bit.

Okay, continuing on with the party, we just mainly play board games like Cards Against Humanity, The Walking Dead and Robot Fighting (a red and a blue robot you control one of them and you’re in a ring and mainly try to knock your opponent if that makes sense?) which was fun. That’s pretty much we did all night, oh and of course, you have the usual birthday cake, song and speech etc. then staying up all night watching movies and TV just like the old times.

So what happened at the end with my camera? The next morning when my mates were about to leave, one of them apparently “forgot” to give me my birthday present so I was like…”hmm…okay…” and then when they gave it to me, it turned out to be my camera. Yay! They found my camera! Apparently, they said it was on the side next to the passenger front seat where I was sitting, After all that stress looking for my camera, that was such a relief to have my camera back. I guess the reason we weren’t able to find my camera is because it was too dark to see it and we didn’t use a flashlight to find it. Just want to say to The Gang, thank you guys for trying to help me look for my camera even tho it took a bit of a time and for also trying to cheer me up. Hope you guys had fun at the party! Party when I get back from my trip!

Anyway before going off topic, how was my actual birthday? Well, like I said earlier, it was a quiet one and I don’t mind quiet as I wanted to recover from the weekend but it was a bit of an up and down really. Nothing bad happened. I guess with the past memories I was having a while ago, it was playing on my mind for a bit. That’s one of the cons of having a quiet day but the up bit, I did get to spend some quality time with family which did cheer me up a bit. Went to Hog’s Breath with them for dinner and like always, celebrating my parents’ wedding anniversary every year which happens to be the same day as my birthday so it wasn’t all that bad.

One of my close mates told me that everything that I have been through, it has made me a better person and she’s right. The struggles I have been through and even the good times, I have grown more as a person and now much better than I was a couple of years ago. Even with my jaw surgery, it changed my life. Now after seeing the overwhelming support from family and close mates, I’m pretty lucky to have them in my life even tho there are times where I don’t feel like that way and of course, I’m not forgetting other people’s support as well and you all know who you are. But I’m not gonna lie, I still struggle with life and will do for the rest of my life but I just have to stay positive and strong I guess.

I was supposed to post this on my birthday but as you know, I have been very busy at the moment preparing for my trip to China. Well speaking of my trip, I’m actually in Hong Kong at the moment. I was planning to include this in the post but I didn’t have enough time so I decided to do this in a separate post. I also didn’t get the chance to say thanks to those who send me birthday comments. Much appreciated guys! You guys are awesome and thanks for the on continuing support like always.

My next post will be about my trip which I’m currently working on now. Planning to post it this arvo or tomorrow at the latest as I’m heading off to China tomorrow. Not sure if I’ll be able to blog over there because last time when I was in China, I couldn’t access my blog. Well, we just have to wait and see.

Be random but stay safe!

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