First Long Day

After all the hype and build up, it finally has begun! Today was the first day for my work experience with SBS and what a long and exhausting day it was!

You know, waking up 7 in the morning to go to work, I am no morning person at all and for some reason, it felt like I was going back to school. Ah the good old days back in high school and I can’t believe it’s been seven years since I graduated from school. So much memories! I so dislike catching the train during peak hour in the morning especially on Monday. There were so many people queuing to buy tickets and waiting for the train, I totally forgot how packed it can be but luckily for me, there wasn’t a lot of people when I bought my ticket and I had some company on the train from one of my best mates (who was on his way to work). Good timing I have to say!
The train ride took about half & hour to get to the station where I wanted to go and after getting out of the station, on my way to the office, I kinda got lost. When I mean lost, I actually went to the wrong direction and went around the station even tho I knew the area. It’s fun getting lost, right? Well, not really but it was a good thing that my dad show me how to get to SBS earlier which I eventually did find my way. So I went to the reception and find out that I was really early like…maybe half & hour early. It’s better to be early than late especially if it’s your first day.
I have to admit, I was feeling so anxious this morning, I almost came close to tears while I was waiting. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy about my internship with SBS but it’s just today, my anxiety can get really bad (I’ve always had anxiety since I was a little kid). Maybe it’s because of the unknown…you don’t know what to expect on your first day, you don’t know anyone at all. I guess you could say I was out of my comfort zone because this was the first time I was by myself and it was just a whole new experience for me but after the support from my dad and from some of you guys, I was able to calm myself down. This is really awkward talking about my one of my problems since this is really personal to me but I just wanted to be honest with you guys and want to share my experience (which this blog is about).
Okay, continuing on…so after waiting for half and hour, I finally met the guy who organised my work experience. I was so…anxious? (No, let’s change it to something else), I was so nervous. Don’t you know that feeling when you’re meeting new people like you talk really fast and you just can’t stand still, that’s how I was feeling. I was so nervous about meeting him but he turned out to be really friendly. He gave me a short orientation and a tour of the place which I have to say their office is so massive! When people told me it was massive, they weren’t lying…it’s so much bigger than the Canberra office. Anyway, after a brief intro, the guy gave me a pass card (yay! I got my own card!) and allocated me to work with someone in an area which embarrassingly to say I forgot the name of where I was working in. Oops! There are so many departments and areas, I can’t remember them all at the same time. That’s how big SBS really is.
So the field I was working in today, the guy who I got allocated with, he explained to me about what his job involves. He looks after the schedule for the sports, making sure the recorded games are in the right location in the computer drive. He also does a little bit of duplication of DVDs (when I mean duplication, I mean copy multiple discs) when other broadcast channels need a copy of a master disc. In another field I worked in the late arvo, they showed me the master control panel. Similar to the one I did in Canberra. This is where all the feeds (raw footage) go to from other broadcast channels as well as international ones. They also control which shows will be air on TV in the suited time frame, record the feeds and do some editing as well. It’s a bit hard to explain it on here as it’s complicated…even to me still, I find it to be complicated.
Anyway, so that’s my summary of my first day at SBS. Sorry it’s a bit short as it’s only the first day. Besides what I did today, I didn’t really do a lot. There was a moment today where I got really bored at one point because apparently there was a problem that needed to be resolved so I literally didn’t do anything for an hour and a half but other than that, it was all fine.
I also hope what I wrote made sense and I apologise if I didn’t because it’s hard to explain what they do and you just have to be there in person to see what they do. I still yet to find out what I’ll be doing later this week but tomorrow, I’ll be doing some editing in the News & Current Affairs tomorrow which should be fun! At least I don’t have to wake up too early! I’m so gonna be tired the next few days as I have late starts in the afternoon. There’s one shift I start at 2pm and finish very late in the evening at 10. This is gonna be really interesting.
Oh, I forgot to mention, the people at SBS are very friendly and welcoming to me. I didn’t really get to talk to them much because they’re busy with their own work. I’m also already enjoying my time with my work experience even tho it’s just my first day except for the few hiccups (like my anxiety) but overall, I should say today was a success and like always, thank you for all your ongoing support! I really hope you guys enjoy what I write because I love writing and it’s just one of my passions in life, one that I want to share with people.
Be random but stay safe all!

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