Positive & Negative

Hello hello.

So it’s now been 2 weeks and 2 days since my surgery and it’s also my 21st tomorrow (hmm…). My recovery is going surprisingly good but it’s a bit hard to cope at the moment (which I will explain later on) but now, I just want to blog about my progress.

Hmm…thinking where to start off. Well, I just saw my doctor earlier this arvo for a checkup and she’s really happy with how the progress of my recovery is going. I don’t need to see her every week now which is good. Basically, I’ll be seeing her 1 week and then 2 weeks and then 3 weeks etc. Next time I will see her will be in 2 weeks time. She will review with my progress and get my picture taken (exciting!). I did saw her last week and she said I had to get some x-ray scans of my jaw done which I did last Friday. Got the result back the next day. Saw the scans myself and it was quite…amazing, scary and interesting I should say. You can see my jaw is now in the correct position where it should be and you can also see the screws connecting to my jaw (that’s the scary part!).  Last Monday, I saw my orthodontist for a check-up again and he’s also happy how my surgery was a success. I don’t need to see him until in 2 weeks time (I think?).

Lately, I’ve been struggling a bit. Even though my surgery was a success (which I’m really happy with) I have to say the hardest part of my jaw surgery is the recovery. The surgery itself wasn’t hard but the recovery is.

Not trying to rant or anything but I get frustrated about how long the recovery is going to take. I can’t really eat a lot (obviously) and it can be annoying having to eat a strict soft diet and trust me, you WILL get sick of eating (except for the ice cream and dessert!) the same thing over and over again (like the time when I was in China, dining out at restaurants every day) It’s going to take at least 6 weeks to slowly go back to eat normally again. Sometimes, it ruins your enjoyment of going out and I’ve been pretty much at home most of the time. I also feel bad that people have to take care of you because you can’t really do much about it. Because I have rubber bands in my braces so my teeth won’t move back, I find it difficult to talk and I have to keep repeating what I said. My lower part of my face is still numb because of the damage to my nerves and it’s very scary of not having the feeling. I’m still not used to it and for some reason, I keep thinking my lower lip is my tongue and I can’t tell if I have any food on my face and keep drooling. (eww!)

That’s some of the things have to deal with. But on the positive, it’s not always negative. My swelling has gone down a lot and it’s already been 2 weeks! If you saw my pictures on my Facebook you could see my face was really swollen. Even though I can’t eat a lot, I can still go out and do the things I enjoy doing. Already, I’ve been able to watch Sydney FC home games (soccer aka football) and yes I know, they’re bottom of the table -_-” …Went to the Robin Gibb/Bonnie Tyler concert last night and got myself a new haircut with highlights. And…I have to say, I’m so looking forward to seeing one of my favourite bands Muse performing live here! (yay!) My recovery will get better every day and I have to remind myself even though it takes a long time to recover, it’ll be worth in the end and it won’t stay like this forever.

Anyhoo, it’s my 21st tomorrow. It’s kinda scary and exciting (?)…hmm…I have mixed feelings. I have to delay my party because of my surgery which sucks! =( But at least I’m gonna watch Paranormal Activity 2 tomorrow with one of my best mates. Dunno if it’ll be good or not but the first one was kinda…not that good to be honest and not THAT scary f you ask me.

It’s been an up and down ride for me but I guess I have to try and stay positive. Well, I’m off and I will try to keep blogging more here ^^

Be random but stay safe! ^_____________^

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