Time Wasting

I really dislike Facebook now…wasting time on the popular social network. I still haven’t been sleeping well but that’s because of the break I just had. Late nights just like old times. Saturday night…went to bed like at one in the morning and then couldn’t sleep until 5am. My mind was blank most of the time but kept thinking bout the past…that’s no surprise.

I keep getting these dreams EVERY NIGHT (yes every night or day?). They don’t make any sense but does it have any meaning? I don’t know…oh and if you were wondering, the reason why I can remember my dreams is because I’ve been writing them down. I started writing them down when I had this crazy dream, something to do with the apocalypse…a random person asked me if I wanted a new life and if I said yes, the world had to end which I did want…

Anyway, it’s getting late here so I might as well go to bed now…

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